We provide a range of postal services for several different types. Every time our staff is prepared to distribute and deliver real-time all the materials you require. We have several kinds of services that we have listed below:

  1. Mail delivery and documents

    YAPS delivers: mail, correspondence letters, documents, invitations, post cards, bills, magazines, newspapers etc according to the client requirements

  2. Bills and tickets

    YAPS delivers bills, tickets and other similar documents that are generated by a third parties and the benefit is the client

  3. Packs and packages

    YAPS delivers all kind of packs and packages with maximum of safety

  4. Leaflets

    YAPS delivers all the kind of leaflets. The service can be done according to the client requirements related to the receiver. YAPS can advise the client and collaborate with it in order share its experience related to this specific kind of service. The service can be realized door to door

  5. Transporting services

    YAPS can transport all assets of offices and houses from a destination to an other