Cleaning services

Some of our Services:

  • General cleaning service at home, office, business center etc
    • Washing of armchairs, couches, sofas.
    • Lucid of special facilities and parquet etc. marbles
    • Cleaning and washing of any carpet, couches, chairs etc
    • Disinfection of microbes from different environments
    • Cleaning of new buildings

Currently we are offering cleaning services to many objects like:

  • Offices
  • Institutions
  • Business Centre
  • School environments
  • Hospital environments
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Embassies
  • etc.

We offer you service at all times, day and night according to your request


GENERAL CLEANING – service at home, office, business center etc

We clean with professionalism all integral elements of houses, offices, business centers etc..
Cleaning service operators show care in cleaning and sanitation of your premises

The services that we offer within the premises:

  • Wiping with a broom of the carpet and carpet sweeper
    • Removal of dust from all the facilities at any height
    • Washing of all floors (wet and dry washing and machinery)
    • Cleaning the dust and the glow of wooden objects
    • Cleaning of toilets and their disinfection, glare of the elements of porcelain and inoks
    • Cleaning of windows, doors, tables, statements, etc.
    • Cleaning of armchairs.
    • General cleaning service from start to finish.


  • We offer a perfect service for glass cleaning of offices or your home.
    Washing is performed in different ways like!!!!?
  • Glass washing done with professional equipments such as scale, scaffolding, cranes etc.
  • Washing windows professionally done by tow, glass knife for windows and dust repellent.

SHINING OF THE SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTS – such marble, tiles, parquet

  • We offer cleaning and lighting services for all types of floors.
    Washing is performed in modern way with modern machinery of Karcher Company and solutions from Karcher and Keihl.
  • Washing of all types of tile.
    Washing the marbles
    • Cleaning and washing of decorative stones.
    • Washing of granite facilities.
    • Washing and lighting of parquet flooring.

SPECIFIC CLEANINGCleaning and washing the carpet, couches, armchairs and chairs

  • Laundry, washing with the hand
  • Laundry, washing with the machinery
  • Laundry, deep cleaning shampoo treatment
  • Steam treatment
  • We provide cleaning services for carpets without moving from place
  • Disinfection and flavoring treatment
  • Treatment for removal of bad winds
  • Disinfection Treatment


• YAPS clearing offers a full service cleaning at your premises,
• For our clients we provide a glove full service package that includes:
1. Daily maintenance cleaning operators
2. Weekly general cleaning
3. Monthly general cleaning
4. All cleaning materials to customer needs
5. Machinery necessary for the clean environment where,